Sagentia Innovation provides independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Working across the medical, industrial, chemicals and energy, food and beverage, and consumer sectors, Sagentia Innovation works with a broad range of companies from some of the world’s leading and best-known brands, to start-up disruptors, new to the market. It is part of Science Group (AIM:SAG), which has more than ten offices globally, two UK-based dedicated R&D innovation centres and more than 400 employees. Other Science Group companies include Leatherhead Food Research, TSG Consulting and Frontier Smart Technologies.

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Sagentia Innovation Logotype
Sagentia Innovation Logotype Reverse
Sagentia Innovation Logotype Mono

Colour Palette

Sagentia Innovation Print

Pine Green Print CMYK 85 40 50 30 Pantone® 5473 C
Jade Green Print CMYK 75 5 40 0 Pantone® 2399 C
Mint Green Print CMYK 50 0 30 0 Pantone® 3375 C
Black Print CMYK 0 0 0 100 Pantone® Black
Dark Grey Print CMYK 0 0 0 80

Sagentia Innovation Digital

Pine Green Digital RGB 28 92 95 Hex #1C5C5F
Jade Green Digital RGB 22 172 167 Hex #16ACA7
Mint Green Digital RGB 97 236 189 Hex #61ECBD
Black Digital RGB 0 0 0 Hex #000000
Dark Grey Digitl RGB 71 71 71 Hex #474747

Supporting Colours Print

Sky Blue Print CMYK 50 0 0 0
Ocean Blue Print CYMK 75 20 10 0

Supporting Colours Digital

Sky Blue Digital RGB 131 208 245 Hex #83D0F5
Ocean Blue Digital RGB 33 158 204 Hex #219ECC

Additional Digital Colours (for charts only)

Coral Red RGB 219 92 95 Hex #db5c5f
Saffron Orange RGB 255 172 84 Hex #ffac54
Lemon Yellow RGB 255 230 92 Hex #ffe65c
Light Grey RGB 135 135 135 Hex #878787
Group Blue RGB 0 43 92 Hex #002b5c


Atlas Grotesk

This is the body font used across all design work. Templates for usage are available.

Meno Banner

This is the display and headline font. To be used for headlines and key quotes and statements.


The photography imagery use in the Sagentia Innovation brand covers a wide range of subject matter. From electronic consumer products through to lab based, scientific testing.

Visually the images used should be authentic, include real people and products in use. For marque images (used on covers and within presentations) the square branded ‘focus’ device is used within the image to bring attention to the key area of the story.

Sample Galleries

In Use

Examples of the brand in use for video idents, literature and advertising.

Digital works examples

Tone of voice

‘Tone of voice’ is about how we present and describe ourselves, both in conversation and in writing. We have some basic guidelines which should ideally be followed in all communications – particularly those with external audiences. Our tone of voice principles follow our brand personality.

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