Our brand in practice

Our positioning statement

Sagentia Innovation helps businesses extract maximum value from their R&D investments by providing strategic advice and transformational technology, innovation, and product development expertise.

Our ‘elevator pitch’

Sagentia Innovation is a product advisory and development business that’s driven by insight and invention. We bring together the advisory skills of Oakland Innovation and OTM with the product development capabilities of Sagentia to offer our clients a full range of R&D services.

Combining sector-specific commercial expertise with sharp market intelligence, our advisory services give our clients the fullest perspective on new opportunities – with objectivity and best advice always paramount.

Uniquely, these advisory services are now seamlessly integrated with the technical expertise and problem-solving skills that have been the hallmark of Sagentia’s product development work for more than 30 years. The result is an agile, end-to-end service that sees every project viewed through three lenses – end-user needs, commercial opportunities, and technical feasibility.

With expertise spanning the medical, food and beverage, consumer, industrial systems, chemicals and energy sectors, our goal is to help every client identify the best opportunities for growth. Where appropriate, these are then realised as market-leading digital and physical products that quickly deliver tangible commercial benefits.