Extended colour palette

As per the main colour palette, the extended colour palette has been uniquely created to further add flexibility and the feeling of prestige to the 2019 awards.

The extended colour palette below has primarily been created to cover the categories of the awards. However these colours can also been used within reason in further communication items such as the awards brochure, video screens and on digital channels. Pantones have not been created for this palette, if they are needed please contact Demographik.

Residential under 7 storeys – Light C50 M0 Y10 K0 R116 G206 B226 #74CEE2
Residential under 7 storeys – Dark C95 M60 Y28 K60 R0 G48 B74 #00304A
Healthcare – Light C0 M85 Y60 K0 R240 G78 B88 #F04E58
Healthcare – Dark C7 M93 Y40 K70 R98 G0 B38 #620026
Residential over 7 storeys – Light C18 M10 Y7 K0 R206 G 215 B223 #CED7DF
Residential over 7 storeys – Dark C22 M10 Y10 K80 R66 G73 B77 #42494D
Public & infrastructure – Light C77 M15 Y75 K0 R50 G167 B89 #32A759
Public & infrastructure – Dark C90 M30 Y90 K80 R0 G57 B26 #00391A
Office – Light C0 M50 Y40 K30 R219 G135 B130 #DB8782
Office – Dark C40 M77 Y55 K80 R74 G22 B31 #4A161F
Higher Education – Light C65 M6 Y21 K9 R101 G165 B208 #65A5D0
Higher Education – Dark C92 M93 Y40 K40 R41 G33 B73 #29214A
Primary Education – Light C50 M10 Y100 K0 R143 G183 B62 #8FB73E
Primary Education – Dark C35 M20 Y88 K80 R55 G60 B7 #373C07
Leisure – Light C20 M90 Y0 K0 R226 G101 B166 #E265A6
Leisure – Dark C85 M100 Y20 K20 R70 G35 B106 #46236A
School – Light C0 M30 Y67 K0 R252 G187 B105 #FCBB69
School – Dark C0 M80 Y90 K70 R104 G29 B0 #8d1d00
Restoration – Light C73 M16 Y48 K0 R25 G187 B171 #23BBAB
Restoration – Dark C90 M50 Y70 K53 R2 G63 B55 #023F37
Refurbishment & Fitout – Light C2 M80 Y0 K0 R235 G80 B156 #EB509C
Refurbishment & Fitout – Dark C54 M100 Y36 K54 R84 G18 B56 #541238