Neutral palette

Black Web #000 C50 M50 Y50 K100 Pantone Black RAL 9005
Slate Web #304550 C80 M60 Y50 K40 R48 G69 B80 Pantone 7546 C RAL 7024
Ice Web #e2e7e9 C10 M5 Y5 K0 R226 G231 B233 Pantone 649 C RAL 7047
White Web #fff C0 M0 Y0 K0 R255 G255 B255 RAL 9016

Primary brand palette

Mint Web #96d5d2 C40 M0 Y20 K0 R150 G213 B210 Pantone 331 C RAL 6034
Maya Web #64abc7 C60 M18 Y14 K0 R150 G213 B210 Pantone 310 C RAL 5024
Lemon Web #e5e161 C8 M5 Y75 K0 R239 G225 B97 Pantone 3935 C RAL 1016
Powder Web #eaacba C5 M38 Y12 K0 R234 G172 B186 Pantone 203 C RAL 3015

Puddingstone palette

Claret Web #5e113f C50 M100 Y30 K50 R94 G17 B63 Pantone 2357 C RAL 4004

The colour palette has been created to give the HLL identity a fresh and modern look. The colours should be used individually and not mixed or blended. Try to use only one colour at a time.

When introducing a further, or secondary colour, we recommend using white, black, ice or slate.