Web fonts (digital)

Work Sans typeface

Work Sans for use in marketing communication materials. Font size and colours are built into the Word and PowerPoint templates, please use this guidance wherever possible.

Arial typeface

Arial for general use (across all applications including Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook etc).

Work Sans is a typeface family based loosely on early Grotesques, such as those by Stephenson BlakeMiller & Richard and Bauerschen Giesserei. The Regular weight and others in the middle of the family are optimized for on-screen text usage at medium-sizes (14px-48px) and can also be used in print design. The fonts closer to the extreme weights are designed more for display use both on the web and in print. Overall, features are simplified and optimized for screen resolutions; for example, diacritic marks are larger than how they would be in print. A version optimized for desktop applications is available from the Work Sans github project page.

Download from:  https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Work+Sans