Colour Palette

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Primary Palette

Green C42 Y2 M83 K0 A6CB5B
Red C10 M100 Y100 K10 #C61D23
Rich Black C100 M100 Y100 K100 #000000
Fog C64 M64 Y42 K21 #605768

Secondary Palette

Lime C62 M0 Y100 K0 #6BBE45
Ocean C72 M2 Y30 K0 #16B7BB
Ruby C14 M96 Y41 K0 #D22C67
Aubergine C56 M81 Y27 K8 #7E4A7A
Mustard C3 M30 Y83 K0 #F4B746
Orange C3 M93 Y77 K0 #E73841
Grey C62 M62 Y61 K47 #48403E