Colour Palette

Primary colours

Whilst Valentino is the primary Corporate colour, the logo may also use one of the alternative colours in the Primary palette. These are all very strong and serious colours with the same tonal quality.

Secondary colours

The secondary palette is not for logotype usage, but is there to give flexibility in design where the strong Primary colours need to be more subtle or fresh.

Extra blend colour

In certain instances (like Infographics) a blending colour may be used. Valentino and Bright Fuscia have a blended colour: Seance.

Primary colour palette

Aston Green #166143 R22 G97 B67 C80 M30 Y30 K40 Pantone®555
Petroleum #166143 R19 G79 B93 C90 M40 Y80 K10 Pantone®5473
Nile Blue #132b42 R19 G43 B66 C80 M50 Y20 K60 Pantone®7546
Monarch #650816 R19 G79 B93 C30 M100 Y90 K40 Pantone®1815
Granite #344048 R52 G64 B72 C20 M0 Y0 K80 Pantone®7540
Valentino #2e0e37 R46 G14 B55 C20 M0 Y0 K80 Pantone®511

Secondary colour palette

Bright Fuscia #C81C70 R200 G28 B112 C20 M100 Y29 K0 Pantone®226
Regent Grey #7A8E9A R122 G142 B154 C15 M0 Y0 K40 Pantone® 7543
Cardinal #A71532 R167 G21 B50 C30 M100 Y80 K0 Pantone®703
Calypso #377380 R55 G115 B128 C60 M20 Y10 K30 Pantone®1697
Blue Lagoon #0099A6 R0 G153 B166 C80 M10 Y30 K0 Pantone®7710
Sea Green #40A275 R64 G162 B117 C75 M15 Y70 K0 Pantone®7730

Extra blend colour

Seance #661969 R102 G25 B105 C65 M100 Y20 K0